Extendico helps software vendors expand abroad

We help software vendors expand into Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Instead of the nine to fifteen months it would usually take to establish a local network, Extendico can guarantee tangible business opportunities within just one month.

Innovative phased business expansion approach

By using an innovative phased business expansion approach, Extendico can unlock the entire EMEA region in four phases. Our highly effective sales team shortens time to market, reduces risk and lowers investment costs.

The Extendico team has:

  • In-depth knowledge of cultural differences within and between regions
  • Experience of bringing IT software start-ups to EMEA markets
  • A consistent and successful track record
  • A commercial plan specifically tailored to your international organizational expansion

Read more about our innovative sales approach below.

the EMEA region

To successfully develop a new region, there must be a clear plan. You usually have just one chance to take advantage of favorable market conditions and get things right.

For EMEA, a phased approach is advisable due to the various language and cultural differences. The region should be regarded as four strategic markets. This determines the need for a four-phase roll-out.

Our strategy creates high visibility in each market in as little time as possible by establishing a hub, a local office, in a main city.

Local offices

For these local offices, we recommend the ‘pod’ model, a proven concept used by high-performing organizations worldwide to drive sales. The pod sales structure entails a separation of duties and allows people to hold each other accountable in their daily tasks as well as strategically.

The roles within a specific pod are clear, measurable and offer added value to each other and to the overall strategy. Extendico has appropriate, in-depth knowledge of all markets in the EMEA region, which ensures relevant pods are set up with the right people.

Going Dutch

Extendico is based in the Netherlands. Historically, software vendors would run their EMEA operations from the United Kingdom. Due to uncertainty surrounding Brexit however, the Netherlands has now become the ideal base for US business expansion abroad and is ahead of France, Germany and Italy in terms of responding and adapting to commercial opportunities.

The first local office, phase one of the roll-out, will therefore be established in Amsterdam.

Proven track record

Founded in 2012, Extendico has been providing dedicated services for many clients since early 2013. Our total contracted value is $13.4 million: we have matched our targets and have achieved high year-over-year growth.

  • The track record of Extendico’s core team over an 11-year period is an average ‘actual achievement’ vs ‘target’ of 119% and an average year-over-year growth of 279%.

  • Prior to 2007, our team members individually worked for various IT vendors, including Compuware, CA, Nimsoft, Attachmate, NetIQ, Imperva and Infonet.

We have helped implement numerous effective international business expansion strategies and can guarantee success

Get the whitepaper

Extendico is ready to help your company expand in the EMEA region, yielding the first results within weeks. We have set out our business proposition in a whitepaper that not only describes our strategy and objectives for each of the four phases but also contains the detailed resumes of Extendico’s core team members.

Please feel free to request a copy of the whitepaper via the form.